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All my photographs sold on this website will be printed by Carl Saytor (above left, and below) at Luxlab in New York City, where  great care is also taken of the second most important part of printing:
The packaging of your valued print.
The prints are triple packed; your image sits stabilized in a strong folder which then goes into an envelope which is placed inside the third layer, a strong cardboard folder. Larger and rolled prints are safely placed in a tube, which is placed in another tube.
Your prints will be signed by me on the back (or front if you wish), and I'll add a letter (or postcard) of authenticity before packaging and it will be sent to you usually via FedEx ground. 
Packaging and shipping is included but available in the United States only !! 
International shipping is planned for the future, contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print and live outside the U.S.
If against all odds the package gets damaged on its journey to your location I will replace your print at no costs.